It’s that time of year again where I add onto my already #BUSY life and make a giant list of things I want to do/accomplish for the summer!

This year I was planning on making my list SLIGHTLY smaller but I really loved giving myself tons of options to choose from when I had a rare day off. It was also really great having a list because when I did have those rare days off, I made sure to take full advantage of them by doing something from my list instead of just wasting the day lounging at home in the AC.



1. Hike to Lindeman Lake in Chilliwack. I wanted to do this last year but I have this little problem called “I’m-Extremely-Out-Of-Shape”. I’m experiencing it this year as well but hopefully I’ll give myself enough time to remedy the problem at least a little.

2. Stand-Up-Paddle Board in a LAKE. I tried once in the ocean once when it was SUPER windy and I failed horribly. I feel like I need redemption.

3. Bike the Seawall in Vancouver. This is always a must-do as it’s one the most relaxing forms of exercise I can think of. I highly recommend SPOKES Bike Rentals if you need to rent a bike. They have super colourful ones AND you can have an adorable basket to stash your things in. Very Instagram-worthy.

4. Visit the new Audain Art Museum in Whistler. I recently won a Twitter contest where the prize was a year’s membership to the Museum! The executive director also happens to be an old boss of mine so I would love to be able to go check it out.

5. Check out an equestrian competition at Thunderbird Park in Langley. I have always ADORED horses and not-so-secretly wished I could be part of the Saddle Club. This is as close as I’ll ever get to achieving that dream.

6. Get gelato in White Rock and chill on the beach. Because Summer is hot and delicious gelato will solve all the world’s problems.

7. Relax in the Hot Springs in Harrison. It’s been years since I have visited this beautiful, smells-like-rotten-eggs place and I’m yearning to go back.

8. Stand with my bestie, Christina, as a Bridesmaid on her wedding day. This is something that my best friend and I have dreamed about for a long time. Christina is like another sister to me and I am so blessed to be a part of her and her amazing fiance, Paul’s, very special day.

9. Watch the Celebration of Lights fireworks from my boat in English Bay, Vancouver. Very excited for this because of one thing: DISNEY. Yes. The Walt Disney Company has been hired this year to do the USA’s fireworks presentation and I am all about that.

10. Host a Backyard Pool Party/Outdoor Movie Night. I have a pool and a giant outdoor movie screen so I thought these would go hand-in-hand.

11. Play Flashlight Tag. I will always have this memory of going to Thetis Island with my Elementary School for camp and seriously regretting my choice of wearing a bright red fleece GAP hoodie on the night we played Flashlight Tag. I need a do-over. I also need to not be paired with a boy who liked to fart when people where close to finding us. I don’t miss elementary school.

12. Bake some sort of Lemon-y baked good. You know, something Beyonce would be happy to eat. #Lemonade

13. Go on a zip line. Because I like to do exhilarating things sometimes.

14. Leave an encouraging note in a Library book. Wouldn’t you like to discover something like that?

15. Ride a Ferris Wheel. Preferably I would like to ride the Sun Wheel in Disney’s California Adventure but beggars can’t be choosers.

16. Float down a calm river on a tube. Doesn’t this sound just so relaxing?

17. Visit the Brittania Mine Museum. It always looked so neat on the drive to Whistler and it’s more curiosity than anything.

18. Fly in a biplane. This is really a regular bucket list item but I feel like it would be a lot warmer if I did it in the summer.

19. Recreate the Truffle-Shuffle in front of the Goonies House in Astoria, Oregon. The Goonies is a classic and Chunk is an icon. Also, Astoria looks super pretty.

20. Actually do one of the DIY Pinterest projects I have pinned. I have 17k pins on my Pinterest. Granted a good chunk of those are clothes I wish I owned. (Shameless self promotion of my Pinterest: FOLLOW ME)

21. Hike to Lighthouse Park in Vancouver. I did this years ago as a kid and had fond memories.

22. Go swimming at Whytecliffe Park in Vancouver. Last year there was an e-coli scare and they banned swimming. Please, please don’t let that happen this year.

23. Find as many tourist traps as possible to drag Kieran around during his visit from England. Tim Hortons will be consumed often. I AM SO EXCITED.

24. See a performance at Theatre Under the Stars in Stanley Park. This is always a summer-must-do! This year they are doing West Side Story and Beauty and The Beast. Probably going to see Beauty and The Beast because I’m a Disney fanatic.

25. Roadtrip to Calgary to visit my beloved UPEI roomies and check out the Calgary Stampede. Because I miss them all SO MUCH. And Calgary is pretty cool.

26. Drive a golf cart. I have no explanation for this one.

27. Do a scavenger hunt. I love a good challenge and am super competitive.

28. Be a tourist in my old university town of Victoria. I am really looking forward to visiting my dear friend, Delaney, as I will be attending her Bridal Shower on the Island! Lerv yer, Derlerner! (Also, check out her AMAZING blog The Little Coast.)

29. Volunteer for a cool opportunity/place. I’m a big fan of volunteering and strongly believe in volunteerism. In fact for the last few years I’ve been a regular volunteer for an awesome program at The Reach Gallery Museum Abbotsford (where I also work) called Emerge At The Reach. This program aims to support and promote emerging artists and arts professionals in The Fraser Valley through exhibition opportunities, studio tours, and arts professional talks.

30. Spend the day sketching and colouring. I have always found drawing and colouring to be relaxing and based on how many items I have tacked on to this list, I feel like I will need to relax.

31. Kayak in Deep Cove. I did this last year with my mom and it was SO MUCH FUN. Although we learned that it is much easier to rent kayaks instead of trying to find parking close enough to unload our own kayaks.

32. Day-trip to Bowen Island. Last Christmas, my family rented an ocean-front cottage and it was one of the best Christmas’ ever. That place is so charming and I feel like a summertime visit is due.

33. READ. Because it’s extremely enjoyable and I don’t do it enough.

34. Swim in the ocean. Am I the only one who tries to swim like a mermaid with my feet together?

35. Make tie-dye shirts. But like cute ones I would actually wear.

36. Organize my closet. It’s a little spazzy atm.

37. Vlog at least one of these experiences. I am a huge fan of YouTube vloggers and feel like this is something I would enjoy doing. I just have to get over the social stress of talking to a camera in public places and having people look at me as if I’m insane.

38. Watch the sunrise from Sumas Mountain. If I can peel myself out of bed at an early enough time.

39. Check out a concert. Because I love live music.

40. Buy flowers from a Farmers Market. Granville Island is most likely where I’ll end up.

41. Plant something. Making sure it lives is a whole other thing.

42. Visit the UBC Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver. They always have the best exhibitions and I have yet to make it out there.

43. Fly a kite. It seems like a summery thing to do.

44. Explore a new city. Exploring is my favourite. Last year, I went to visit my cousin in Anacortes, WA and it was one of the most enjoyable days I have ever had. Check out that blog post HERE.

45. Go horseback riding with my Mom. The Saddle Club reason applies to this as well. Also, I enjoy my Mom’s company.

46. Do one thing that scares me. I never want to live my life in fear. I believe that I should “be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Joshua 1:9. I don’t know what this one thing is yet but I’m sure I’ll figure it out.

47. Go on a water slide. Living somewhat close to the Cultus Lake Water Park and having never been seems somewhat silly. This is just an excuse to check it out.

48. Have a picnic by the sea. Because picnics are delicious and the sea is a beautiful place.

49. Stargaze. I sometimes like to make up my own constellations. Or I’m just looking at real constellations that already have names but I don’t know them so making up my own is just easier and far more entertaining.

50. Eat as many s’mores as humanly possible. Campfires are the bomb.com and marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers are always a good idea.

I plan on having an exciting, event-filled summer! What about you? Is there anything on your summer bucket list you are aching to do? I wanna know!




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