Being 25 was fantastic but I can tell 26 is going to be even better. I like to spend my birthday exploring and relaxing and that’s exactly what I did this year!

First I had to find the perfect #ThrowbackThursday for my birthday and I have to say I did pretty well. Yep. That is from the day I was born! And the look on my  Mom’s face is everything! I make that same face all the time!

I drove to Vancouver for a day of exploring some local galleries I had never been to.  The first gallery I checked out was the Contemporary Art Gallery.

The current exhibition features a body of work by Korean artist Kim Beom. I especially liked this welcoming work.

Kim Beom
 Kim Beom

I then ventured over to Pender street and I came upon this adorable shop called Hunter and Hare. They sell  consignment clothing and locally made goods. Everything was out of a dream!


I then decided it was time for lunch and what better place to grab some good food than Gastown?   Those of you who know me well know I am basically a five year old when it comes to eating as I am incredibly picky. Meat and Bread is my ideal restaurant.

I had their Beef Barley soup and it had all the right spices. Delicious.

I wandered over to Revolver for some hot chocolate. I have heard such good things about this place and it did not disappoint. Also, the server was a handsome British hipster. I told him it was my birthday (because why wouldn’t I milk that?) and he brought me my hot chocolate and said in his swoon-worthy accent “I tried to put a candle in but it would have sunk in.” Basically we are in love and are planning a June wedding.

 Next,  I visited the Or Gallery. It is an artist-run centre located on Hamilton street.

 This exhibition was by Myfanwy McLeod and I absolutely loved it. It reminded me of  something out of Alice In Wonderland.

I then visited the Lumas Gallery in Gastown. This commercial gallery is focused on photography and every piece seemed to jump out and demand my attention. 

I popped in to Kit & Ace (I love their Insta and really wanted to check out the stuff) and was pleased to see artwork I recognized by artist Aaron S Moran hanging on the walls. I actually got the opportunity to hang some of his works a few years ago during an exhibition at The Reach Gallery Museum where I work. His work is with reclaimed wood like old pallets and he pieces them back together in these intricate geometric shapes.

I love me some mural art.

It was a perfect day out in the city and a great birthday!


What are your favourite birthday traditions?





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