Brittney & Isaac This Way 

I have had the pleasure of knowing Brittney for the majority of my life. We have gone through many huge life events together and this weekend I got to stand by her and her new husband, Isaac, as they promised to spend the rest of their lives together.

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This. This night was fantastic. Some of the bridesmaids, Britt, and I got together on New Years Eve and we handmade our own bouquets and it was the sweetest thing.



Britt chose all the flowers and I thought was incredibly special.

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I can now add “boutonniere-making” to my resume as a skill.


The beautiful bride and her bouquet crafted by Hope. (I love Isaac’s photo-bomb).

Britt had seen this amazing idea to have spray-painted toy animals and then glue them onto the name cards. So sweet.

We’ve got her back…..and her legs. *badum-ting*


Hope, Erica, Britt and I headed off to Vancouver for her hen party! We also serenaded her to “Hello” by Adele BECAUSE SHE HAD NEVER HEARD IT BEFORE?! She loved it. I think.

We got to the Sutton Place Hotel right in the heart of Downtown Vancouver, threw on our faux furs, and headed out to an amazing dinner at Cactus Club at Coal Harbour.

Of course, mirror selfies were necessary.

We then made our way to the hot tub! The hotel dress code called for shoes and shirts in the lobby. It’s December. Who brings pool shoes in December? Boots it is then.

These two.

After the hot tub, we went back to the suite and devoured some delicious Earnest Ice Cream. This was my first experience and I can say it has ruined me for other ice creams.


We again serenaded Britt with “Oh Promise Me” from Anne of Green Gables. She loved it. I think.


Erica and I working those mirrors.

It was a cold but perfect day for photos. This girl knows me better than a lot of people and I was completely elated to spend the day with her.

I CANNOT wait to see the photos from Tina and Josh of Green Ginger Photography! (They posted some preview shots here !)

Just give her an apple and she’s ready to take on anything.

I am so in love with this dress.

We got it on ModCloth and it fits so well.

I decided to get some shots of the venue (The Roundhouse) before the guests came and it was amazing!

My sister Amy and my mom did the calligraphy for all the signs and they turned out so fantastic!

Of course we needed a # so Britt came up with #DagneauDuet. Fun fact about Britt and Isaac, they are both incredible musicians and instead of doing a first dance, they did a first song. So magical.

Brittney & Isaac this way…


The popcorn bar for in between the ceremony and reception!

The altar.

Of course we snapped some selfies before she headed down the aisle! My last selfie with Brittney Hensman before she became Brittney Dagneau! The ceremony was beautiful and so God-centred. Worship was great and so meant for the moment.

I wept but I felt the need to keep it together because photos. I was thankful for Britt’s niece, Lou, because she provided comedic relief as the flower girl.

It’s reception time!

The head table all done up.




Such a fantastic Maid of Honour speech by Aly!

Ah Becks. Her speech had me in stitches.

A speech from Mom and Pop Hensman (Dee and Pastor Dave to me). One thing that Pastor Dave said that really stuck with me was “choose your love and love your choice.”

The best.

They are the sweetest.

Becky and Brittney did a lip-synch performance to “Sisters” from “White Christmas”. I would expect nothing less from them. So great!

Oh they crack me up.

Father-Daughter dance that naturally made me weepy.

And so the night ended with dancing and laughing. We sent Britt and Isaac off to their honeymoon in Nashville and I can’t wait to hear all about it when they get back!


Britt, I love you so, so much and I am so blessed to have you as one of my best friends. You have made my growing up experiences so much happier and filled with excitement. I know you are always there for me when I need you most. I pray for a love-filled and Christ-centred marriage with Isaaac. You are so special and I know he will love you with all of his heart.

Isaac, you are a such a fantastic guy and I am so happy that God has chosen you to fill Britt’s heart with all the love in the world!

Love you both!




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