Where I Explore Anacortes, WA With Angela

I have always been a fan of spontaneity and exploration so when my cousin, Angela, told me that she was moving from Bellevue, WA to Salt Lake City, UT in a few days so I went into panic mode and made plans to see her ASAP. Within a day, we had made our plan to meet at a halfway point between Abbotsford, BC (my locale) and Bellevue, WA. Angela chose Anacortes, WA. I Google-Mapped it and decided it was a perfect place because it was ocean-front and I desperately love the ocean. I also thought I had heard the name because of Twilight. I could be wrong.

I set up my GPS and away I drove through the good old U-S-of-A listening to country music because I felt it was geographically relevant. My GPS took me through the scenic route where I enjoyed driving through windy, farm roads with the most colourful fall leaves I could ever dream of. I exited at Burlington (and resisted the urge to visit the outlet mall) and made my way towards Anacortes. When I finally found Angela, we ran to each other and embraced in a bear-hug unique to our characters. We are the high-strung ones in the family and we take our roles quite seriously. This girl gets me.


Anacortes is probably the most adorable town I have ever been to (other than Main Street, USA, Disneyland). There were tons of old brick buildings and some fantastic wall murals. We decided to eat at Island Cafe (seen above) where I had the perfect bacon and eggs (in the USA they give you 4 pieces of bacon which I fully appreciate) and Angela had the Eggs Benedict.  Once we were sufficiently stuffed, we made our way to the beach! Angela had brought her little sister’s puppy, Daisy, with her so we knew a beach was necessary for Daisy to romp around in the sand. (Also, let’s be honest. We wanted cute selfies.)



And, oh, did we get some cute selfies. We found a secluded little beach nearby where Angela Snapchatted and I acted a fool and tried to embarrass her because that’s what I do. Daisy had a good little run around and we explored our surroundings a little further.


Because she’s a doll and she understands my vanity, she took my “glamour shots” on the jetty.


The jetty, which if you can see, had a sign that said “Restricted Area: Keep Of Jetty!”. We like to live dangerously.


Off we went to our next spot which we had seen on our way to the beach at which I screamed at Angela, “ANGIE, WE MUST GO TO THERE!” You’ll see why.


Yep. That’s a ship. A ship WITH AN ENTIRE FOREST ON IT. We found our way down to the ship and began exploring.


It was amazing! Immediately we started asking questions like, “How did this get here? Why is this here? How long has this been here?”. Seeing as I had no data (darn you roaming charges!) I had to wait until Angela could research it for me.


I was a little bit in awe of it.


Lucky for you, Angela did go home and she looked up the history of this ship, La Merced. It was commissioned in 1917 and then placed on this breakwater in 1966 where it was filled with dredge and the forest came about naturally. AMAZING, RIGHT?!

I love learning about this sort of thing. How can you not? It looks like something out of “Pirates of the Caribbean”!

I also love that I got to spend some time with a cousin whom I love dearly and rarely get to see. I will miss having her as close as Washington state but I know she is going to love her new home in Utah! Maybe I’ll get to visit?

Thanks for exploring with me!




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